Kodi add-on development

Développement logiciel

Bring the power of Kodi to your customers !

What is Kodi ?

Kodi is a media center that play almost every kind of video and music.
It runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS.
It is very to use and will enhance the experience of your customers.

Your own Kodi add-on

I will develop your Kodi add-on so that your users can see your media directly from their TV or their phone.
It will be customized with your logo to feature your brand.
I can also:

  • create your own Kodi repository to easily manage add-on upgrades
  • build an Android APK with your pre-installed add-on that will be automatically launched at Kodi start-up to have a very easy system to use

So it is time to get new customers !

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